Have you ever wondered if you could make money simply by having a mobile phone? The Tone Excel  biz program now makes this possible. Since the company first partnered with Tune Talk in 2010, their customers have been finding finding financial freedom using their own networks.
Tone Excel’s program is open to any SIM card users with a prepaid account who want to use their phone to earn a nice side income. The process is simple. In order to activate their account, they simply register their SIM with Tone Excel after purchasing a Tone Excel SIM card.
The benefits of this programare limitless, even though it is only for RM90. There are two ways to do it. Members can either invite their friends and family to sign up for the program or top off their own SIM card. Keep in mind that when your network starts topping off their SIMs, some of the proceeds will go towards topping your SIM card up.
Right now, this is a commission based program from Tone Excel, which is why it is so easy to start earning for average users. Any registered user can earn a commission after just a RM 20 top off. It’s a way to earn income without any hassle since the commission is deposited directly into your bank account. During the registration process, you will be asked to provide your bank information. Be sure to have your information handy to ensure that you get paid promptly.
In addition to the commission, there is also a fast track bonus available. Members get this by earning referral points. Simply invite everyone you know to sign up with Tone Excel and reap the rewards. You get a chance to introduce your colleagues, family members, and friends to a program that lets them earn money. Definitely a win-win situation. In Malaysia, reaching the target for referrals is easy with more than two million users currently on mobile.
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How Can I Get People To Join My Tone Excel Platform?
Lets face it, when people run across an effective and enticing platform that makes it easy to earn money, the majority of them won’t hesitate to jump on board, However, your problem is going to be ensuring that mobile users interested in signing on with Tone Excel join you.
To solve this, you are going to have to think strategically about your marketing. You’ll get more income when you work a little harder than others even though the income from Tone Excel is passive. And, with so many benefits available for Tone Excel members who are prolific, incorporating stragetic marketing into your own account is well worth the effort.
An affiliate website is one of the most common strategies used. Since the Tone Excel Group will recognize it, your website will be seen as legitimate. On your website, you will get a chance to tell your own story abut your experience with Tone Excel and boost your program’s success.