Internet Protocol (IP) cameras are digital video cameras used for surveillance that can send or receive information through a network and the Internet. IP cameras are used as an alternative to the analog closed circuit television. In the past, surveillance comprised of analog information recorded on tangible media.

IP cameras offer many benefits for small businesses, private residences, or even large corporate headquarters. The following are some of the benefits of IP cameras.

1. Ease Of Use

If you can use a computer mouse then chances are high that you can use IP video. IP video systems have menus that are easy to use that even make newbies look like experts.

2. Better Resolution

IP cameras are digital and use progressive scanning to make complete use of camera imagers that provide up to 25% better resolution than with analog cameras using similar imagers, like the ones from EEAutomation.

3. Lower Cable Cost

Analog cameras can require up to three cables – audio, video, and power for every camera. IP cameras transmit all three on one network cable. A single cable can handle 4 to 8 or more cameras thereby resulting in major savings especially if you consider the cost of copper today.

4. Future Proof

IP gear is easy to update for new compatibility and capabilities as technology advances just like computer devices and programs.

5. Creating Efficiency

Continuous monitoring of live activities is fast becoming an expense of the past. IP systems alert personnel when issues arise by sending live video to laptops or even cell phones for instant review. This functionality is also great for non-security applications such as workflow monitoring, deliveries, customer service, and many more.

6. Intelligence

IP cameras are today equipped with on-board processors for analyzing events in real time and alerting you of any potential suspicious or criminal activity.

7. Secure Transmission

IP systems encrypt data to guarantee total privacy thereby eliminating the need for expensive fiber optic cable.

8. Redundant and Reliable

IP systems when paired with advances in today’s computers deliver proven reliability by leveraging decades of technical evolution. You can easily set up IP cameras to store video in multiple remote locations to guard against theft and disasters.

9. System Integration

You can easily team up IP cameras with alarm systems. Many can also integrate with environmental, lighting, and access controls for a virtual presence all around. In addition, because of industry alliances and standards, IP cameras are increasingly compatible across manufacturers.

10. Infinite Distance

Date in IP systems travels just like computer data. In the same way that computers can communicate with each other from any place in the world through the Internet, the IP camera can be across the world or across the room and the recorder does not care.

This article has been a discussion about the benefits associated with using IP cameras. Now that you understand the benefits associated with the cameras all that is left is for you to start using them for your surveillance. Using the IP cameras will also enable you to enjoy the benefits discussed in this article.